Office computer monitoring software is transforming business productivity and efficiency all over the world, but is it the right choice for you?

Productivity and efficiency are big words in the business world. Wasted resources and misspent time will sink an operation faster than you think and to push your business to achieve its full potential, every aspect of your processes needs to work like a well-oiled machine. Your sales, marketing, and customer service strategies need to solid and streamlined, but your efforts could be wasted if your employees are not following those procedures or are idling away their work hours at your expense. How do you know whether your employees are using their time effectively?

Traditionally, bosses could only stand over their staff to monitor their activities and/or have cameras installed in the office. Thankfully, technology has moved on considerably, and there are now more employee monitoring options than ever before. You can tap telephones, monitor emails and log the keys they type on their keyboard or even track their physical location, but the most popular employee monitoring tool for many companies is to install employee monitoring software on your computers.

What is Employee Monitoring Software?

The use of free employee monitoring software or computer tracking software is growing as more and more companies realize the big benefits it can bring to a business’ productivity and efficiency. Employee monitoring software enables you to track your employee’s activities on their computer as well as to collect and analyze key data.

That’s what Employee Trail does for businesses all over the world. Our free employee tracking software allows you to observe what employees are doing on their computers and when they are doing it. Our free employee tracking tool can be installed in either invisible or visible mode, can notify you when unauthorized activity is detected and provide you with detailed reports.

Employee Monitoring Software: Is it Right for Your Business?

There’s a lot of debate about employee monitoring software amongst business owners. Some may be concerned that installing it would be an invasion of their employee(s) privacy, and they may feel anxious about this.

However, the reality is that it’s now so commonly used that employees are not surprised when told that their computer is being monitored. After all, your staff is there to work and not to carry out personal tasks, browse the internet or scroll through their social media accounts, so there should be no activity that they would be uncomfortable with you seeing.

The key is to introduce it as a productivity tool that is positive for the business. It can also help your employees to stay focused when they need to use the internet for work purposes. The internet is full of content and adverts designed to attract attention and if they are aware that employee website monitoring software is tracking their activity, your employees have an extra incentive to stay on-task.

Is employee tracking software free? This depends on the software plan you choose, but at Employee Trail, we do offer a free plan.

Benefits of Employee Monitoring Software

  • Maintain control of your business

With professional employee monitoring software, you can track what your employees are doing on their computers so you can be sure your employees are using their work hours to benefit the company. When your employees know that you are – or could be – tracking their computer activity, they will be more likely to comply with company policies and to complete tasks more efficiently.

There is a wide range of employee web tracking reports, including screenshots, domain details, session duration, description of active applications, and the specific URL. You can enforce your company policies automatically by setting up alerts that notify you when an unauthorized website has been accessed and can track when employees are active on their computers for payroll purposes.

  • Boost employee productivity

You can monitor how much work is completed and at what level of efficiency for each user on multiple devices from a productivity dashboard. Detailed productivity reports can help you to identify which employees are exceeding expectations, which are falling behind or if there is a company-wide issue that could require procedural review.

  • Streamline efficiency

By using employee tracking software free, businesses can track each employee’s productivity metrics as well as analyzing the progress of teams and projects. You can compare productivity levels to identify where improvement is needed, which systems and licenses are used and which could be canceled to save costs or put to better use in another department.

  • Protect sensitive data and intellectual property

Employee monitoring software can restrict access to information which you do not want employees to have access to and will alert you when access is attempted, or security is breached.

By tracking which employees are regularly accessing or attempting to access unauthorized websites or are sharing sensitive information, despite being aware of the company’s policies, you may be able to identify individuals who may pose a security risk to your business or are behaving maliciously towards other employees.

Try Employee Trail Software for Your Business

Employee Trail software has been developed for businesses of all sizes from small start-ups to large corporations. It’s a flexible product that uses the latest in behavioral analysis and technology to enable you to monitor your employees via your computers and apps which are used by employees.

In addition to collecting data for analysis so you can identify areas you can improve employee productivity and efficiency, the software can take screenshots of what your employees are doing should you require them for analysis or detailed insights. You can also block specific websites or social media platforms, control the employee’s app remotely and can set up alarms and alerts to tell you when business computers are being used for unauthorized activities.

If you think Employee Trail could help you to boost employee productivity for your business, why not sign up for free today? Our free employee monitoring plan is suitable for 1 user and 1 agent and provides up to 3 GB of data storage for 21 days.