Employee Trail Features & Benefits

EmployeeTrail provides you with an accurate user activity log for each user which provides details of every website or application-based activity they carry out on their computer or device.

Administrators, managers, or business owners receive productivity reports which provide a snapshot of what each user has done during a set period of time. These periods can be set at 5-minute intervals or for customized periods. Based on the configurations and benchmarks you set, a user can be categorized as productive or unproductive so you can see at a glance where you may need to address performance or process issues.

This means you have reliable data that you can use in performance reviews, which means you can help unproductive employees to improve and recognize productive employees for their hard work

There are also detailed reports on user activities including screenshots, logged in domain details, user id, session duration, description of active applications, and URLs.

Your organization’s policies can be enforced automatically as EmployeeTrail will alert administrators when risky or non-compliant behavior (based on the configuration you set) is taking place on one or more of your computers. For example, if a user is attempting to use a website which is blocked or potentially dangerous, or they are using social media which is against your organization’s policies, EmployeeTrail’s employee website monitoring functionality will record the activity and alert the administrator.

Email alerts can be sent to the administrator when potentially risky behavior is takin place. In addition, screenshots can be automated to take place at regular intervals to track and record how sensitive company data is being used and identify any improper activity. They can also be automated to trigger when risk behavior is detected so you can evidence which user is in breach of company policies.

EmployeeTrail is compliant with both COPPA and HIPAA regulations as well as effective options to safeguard sensitive data.

You can use free employee monitoring software EmployeeTrail to monitor and capture a user’s activity in real-time so that administrators can assess their working methods and opportunities for improvement. You can also assess which applications or systems are being used and which deliver the best results so that processes can be streamlined across the organization.

EmployeeTrail can also highlight which applications are rarely used as this could save you the cost of some of the application licenses. Alternatively, you may choose to reassign the application to another department if it will improve efficiency in other areas.

By choosing the best applications and processes and helping individuals to work more efficiently, a business can improve productivity and, ultimately, boost profits.

EmployeeTrail will track all of the activity on each of your organization’s computers and can display the critical data in productivity dashboards for the whole organization, by department, team or even each user’s productivity. This information can then be used to identify efficiency issues in the organization in general or can be used to compare performance between users or departments.

It could include the user’s efficiency and general activity, such as which applications they have used, which websites they have accessed and screenshots of their activity. The data can then be analyzed by managers and administrators to assess productivity and efficiency and to ensure they have not misused their computers.

Modern businesses are facing more threats than ever before in terms of both cybercrime and internal computer security systems, but EmployeeTrail can help you to reduce those risks with its Insider Threat Detection features.

System administrators can assign risk levels to each user from 1-10 based on patterns of behavior and their activity history. This can help you to identify potentially high-risk individuals who may be breaching company policies through unauthorized internet use or attempting to access sensitive company data or protected intellectual property. EmployeeTrail will alert administrators and can take screenshots of the activity in question when it detects risky behavior, so you can act quickly to investigate and protect your business.

EmployeeTrail software is a versatile employee monitoring tool which can be integrated with several other systems and internal networks including Google Drive, various cloud servers including AWS cloud servers and internal databases, data storage systems and servers.

Ready to try free employee tracking software? Employee Trail could help you to boost employee productivity for your business, and the best part is you can sign up for free today. Our free employee monitoring plan is suitable for 3 users and 3 agents and provides up to 3 GB of data storage.

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