It is not very easy for everyone to follow a “work from home” model because most people tend to get easily distracted. It can be very challenging especially for those who are habitual of working at spacious offices under on-the-spot supervision and with strict scheduling.

But, with the constant evolution of technology, working from home is now getting very popular. Bosses, as well as employees, are happy to make their time at home productive and effective. According to recent surveys, people are now seeing the home as the most productive place to work.

Employees can focus properly on their work without office distractions like phone calls, meeting reminders, and interruptions from colleagues. Workers can complete their tasks according to their comfort and the ways that suit them the most.

If you are struggling to keep your employees productive while working from home, here are some tips you can follow to make a difference.

• Ask your team to start the day as if they have to leave for office:

It is very simple but can be a little odd for those who never worked from home. When you think about working from home, you tend to get extra-comfortable and lazy, and that affects the overall productivity.

Starting the day as if you are going to the office doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to wear those uncomfortable suits and dresses. A more comfortable dress code can be very good to work from home, and can positively impact productivity.

You can ask your team members to wake up early in the morning and prepare for work differently. Ask them to remain familiar with their morning routines like exercising, having a shower, and making coffee, etc. Staring the day early will set the tone for throughout the day, and your workers will feel focused and motivated at their tasks.

• Ensure your workers are working with maximum comfort and safety:

Before asking your employees to work from home, be a hundred percent sure that they are working in a comfortable environment. You must make sure that your employees are perfectly comfortable while working for productivity.

Things like a comfortable chair, a clean and spacious table with proper height, a healthy working environment can make a lot of difference in your employees’ working ability and will surely impact productivity. So, before giving them fresh tasks, ask them about their workspaces, and how comfortable they are at working from home. If needed, ask for better arrangements, otherwise, don’t force them to work with discomfort and strain. It will be harmful to your employees, and at the end of the day, it will affect your company.

• Keep reminding them to be healthy:

Understanding the importance of a healthy body and mind is very crucial. You, as an employer, must have to prioritize your employees’ health and ask them constantly to take care of their health.

– Neglecting the physical and mental health can cause various health issues. Encourage your team members to:
– have a healthy routine.
– follow a healthy, nutritious diet.
– do enough physical exercises for at least half an hour.
– Drink enough water at regular intervals.

All these factors are necessary to consider even while working from home. If you want to ensure the productivity of your employees, you need to inspire them to be healthy. Ask them to set reminders for a healthy routine.

• Ask them to take regular, short breaks:

It is a very basic thing, and you need to accept the positive impact breaks can have on the overall working capacity of your workers. Don’t force them to sit for long hours. Either give them shorter tasks or ask them to complete lengthy tasks by taking enough in-between breaks. Inspire them to follow a “no eating at your desk” rule, and ask them to use these breaks as an opportunity to get up, have some fun with family, stretch and get back to work. These short breaks will do a lot of good for your workers.

• Have a daily team huddle at a fixed time:

Ask your employees to consider this as a compulsory team meeting. You can have a daily online huddle to discuss various things including work progress, time management, business goals, and achievements of different employees. Having a daily team huddle can positively impact overall productivity. Don’t keep this huddle to professional things only. After discussing work-related things, ask your employees about their health, family members, and other things related to life. It will make your employees feel more connected, and they will automatically work with more enthusiasm.

• Don’t let off the communication:

Working from home doesn’t necessarily mean completely disconnecting from your employees and colleagues. Make sure that your colleagues and employees are in contact with each other. It’s your responsibility to ensure proper team communication. You can still schedule vital coffee dates through an online meeting. It will keep you as well as your employees mentally healthy, and your team will be able to work more effectively even from home.

• Use Employee Management Tools:

Employee management tools are quite useful if you want to properly plan your days. There are numerous management tools like Employee Trail and Trello. These tools help you and your team to stay accountable for team progress and overall productivity. Task management tools allow your team members to plan out the day, and that too, with complete transparency.

These are some effective ways to ensure maximum productivity while asking your employees to work from home. If you are opting for the “work from home” model, make maximum use of it. Maintain a healthy working environment with your employees, ensure they are perfectly healthy and comfortable, and ensure to maintain the proper communication between your employees and colleagues. It will be surely easy for you to keep your employees productive while working from home.