Employee tracking software

The concept of “employee tracking” doesn’t go well with everyone. People start questioning its legitimacy and need without knowing about its actual purpose, and why it is indeed a necessary part of business these days.

Most of the people don’t understand the actual meaning of “employee tracking” or “workplace surveillance” and start talking against it. Workplace surveillance is not something strange. We are already into it. It’s a different thing that workplace surveillance is getting bigger and better with time.

The concept and application of employee tracking software are much more than only CCTV surveillance or GPS tracking. Through this powerful technology, business owners can track almost every move of their employees. It may include everything from how they work, how they use their phones and computers, how they interact with their colleagues and customers and so on.

In this article, we are talking about how employee tracking software is not only changing, but transforming the business sector.

Why Employee Monitoring is So Important for Business These Days?

There are so many questions about why business bosses need to track their employees in the first place. A lot of people start talking about the “right to privacy”, and some even term employee monitoring as “a way of violating privacy rights”.

But there are different ways of seeing a particular thing. And if you analyze the usage and advantages of employee monitoring on a broader scale, you will notice so many positives rather than negatives. Some well-known international brands even recommend employee monitoring for better workplace management, overall cost management, and productivity, etc.

Another thing is, business owners own their employees’ working hours. And every business owner wants maximum utilization of those working hours. And, there are numerous advantages of proper utilization of time! It directly impacts the overall productivity! It impacts the future of the business! There is nothing wrong if business owners want to keep an eye on their workers.

 Here are the answers, why employee monitoring is essential for business these days:

  • Employee monitoring ensures discipline

Discipline is a must for every organization. Without a disciplined and systemic working environment, there is no way, an organization can touch the heights of success. Employees understand their responsibilities better, when they know, someone is watching them. If they don’t work properly, they will have to answer to their employers. It sounds a little insecure in the beginning, but workers start to understand, they have some responsibilities, they have to do what they are hired to do. Employee monitoring ensures a healthy, cohesive, coordinated, and result-oriented working environment.

  • Employee Monitoring Ensures Better Reporting

Automatic work reporting can completely change the concept of work reporting. The old-school method of reporting is not only time-consuming but requires a lot of manpower.

Employee monitoring software can do it very easily. The software automatically collects the required data and helps in timely, accurate work reporting. Technology like live computer monitoring tells owners how their workers perform, and that too, in real-time. As a business owner, you no longer need to ask your employees for work reporting.

Computer monitoring allows you to understand how your employees spent their different parts of the working hours. It ensures improved employee autonomy as well as better management of overall employee activities.

  • Employee Monitoring Improves Working Hours Compliance

Automatic attendance tracking is a very useful feature of employee monitoring systems. Attendance tracking software works by registering the first computer activity as “clock-in” and the last computer activity as “clock-out”. Using this feature, the employee tracking software automatically prepares separate attendance sheets. It also keeps a record of employees working overtime, and can be very useful while calculating the billable hours and payrolls.

The automated attendance process inspires improved remote work and that too, by maintaining office hour’s compliance. Besides, it ensures flexible, reliable, and organized working hours.

  • Employee Monitoring Ensures Proper Client Management

Client management has always been a challenging aspect of the business. It takes proper strategy and planning to correctly manage your clients. Software monitoring is still in its initial stages, but it is showing some encouraging results.

Client login is one of the most sophisticated access options software monitoring is offering to its users. What does it mean? It allows you to give access to the online time management system to your clients. You can allow them to see data only related to their projects.

It can be processes, deadlines and various other aspects of a particular project. These insights from the clients can have a great impact on your overall client management. It ensures more accountability and transparency and enables you to estimate the project duration correctly.

However, When Employee Monitoring Goes Wrong?

Employee monitoring is surely a boon for modern-day business. There are so many reasons why business owners should promote it to improve the overall method of business. However, there are some logic-defying usages of employee monitoring as well.

For example, an employer is tracking every move of their employees even beyond the working hours. This is ridiculous and unnecessary! That’s when the question of “right to privacy” comes into consideration.

Another example of misuse of employee monitoring is the usage of Brainwave sensors to understand the emotional condition of the employees!

Is that what the concept of employee monitoring is developed for? Definitely not! These are the reasons people start questioning the legitimacy and necessity of employee monitoring.

There is nothing wrong with the overall concept of employee monitoring. It becomes a problem when people start misusing it, and they go for stalking in the name of “monitoring”

If the business owners don’t misuse employee monitoring, it is a great asset to the modern-day business. Employee monitoring or employee surveillance must be limited to work-related activities only. There is no need to peek inside the personal lives of the employees.


If employee monitoring software is limited for the workplace or work-related surveillance, it can be proved game-changing for any business. And yes, we can say, employee tracking software is changing the business world.